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Our pharmacy wants to inform people, who suffer from hair loss and haven’t yet found a useful treatment that we can offer you the remedy! Now you have a chance to grow your hair again and feel young. Forget about all your previous experiences. Visit our site and read the following article. We are sure that after all this information you will choose Finasteride.

Finasteride is the medicine, which we present you here. Since its invention it earned its popularity among patient from the whole world. It is even hard to imgine, which of the medicines has the same popularity. Really, it is very effective and has a lot of benefits. Many people struggle with the loss of their hair so much, try a lot of recipes and remedies, but effects are not always visible. It is very disappointing, when you pay so much attention to it and don’t see the changes. Patients with this problem are ready to pay any sum of money for the effectiveness, but where to find it? Now you know.

We must mention that men only can be treated by Finasteride. Women mustn’t use it, so as children. There are no concret result concerning this point, so, you may have some risk. Don’t give Finasteride to your wife or child. Don’t cause health problems.

Now we will mention all the main information and key points, which you must know before you will use Finasteride.

We will discuss:

  • dosages of the medicine
  • restrictions
  • side effects

Then in the end you will read some general information about the pills.

So, first get to know, about the dosage. You will find a leaflet in the pack, where you will have some information about its usage. You mustn’t take it totally as it is written, because the information is given to the standatd patient. But you may have some peculiarities of your health condition and must ask doctor about the dose. You may take the medicine as you decide, but if it will not be correct – the result won’t simply come. So, don’t be in a hurry and visit a doctor.

But still, the usual dose for a patient is to take Finasteride once a day with meal. You should take pills orally with water, not juices or something like that. Maybe the doctor decides to change this dose and you must obey this decidiso. You mustn’t think that quick effect will come. Up to three months you will not see any results. Then, slowly, but surely the hair will grow. You will take Finasteride not less then 3-6 months, even more. Different patients feel the effect after different periods of time. The limit is the 12th month. If the situation hasn’t changed by this time – that’s not your medicine and you must stop using it.

Now we will mention restrictions, which are possible, and side effects. You better not use Finasteride, if you don’t know the information about its side effects and restrictions.

If you have problems with your liver, prostate or muscles, you can’t take Finasteride. These diseases will cause other health problems. In such a case you need to visit a doctor and find some other variant. Also mention if you take any medicals or had taken them earlier. Different components may have bad reaction, if taken together with Finasteride.
You can have allergy to the medicine. If you don’t know wxactly, ask the doctor. You’ll make tests and find it out. It will be the safest way out for you. So, if you have some allergy – don’t use it, if not – you have a brilliant opportunity to use Finasteride and take it, waiting for the effect.

As to side effects, you can experience all possible problems with sex, ejaculation, impotence; weakness; rashes; fever, high temperature and running nose.

If you feel some of these effects or other strange conditions, call your doctor. Don’t change the prescribed dosages by yourself, because the effect will be lost. If you took too much of it – consult a doctor to avoit harmful concequences.

So, those are the main points about Finasteride. Here’s the resume of the article, which is short and will be the reminder for you:

Finasteride: Dosage

Daily; as doctor prescribes

Finasteride: Restrictions

Liver diseases; prostate; muscle diseases

Finasteride: Side effects

Sexual problems; problems with erection and ejaculation; allergy; rash; running nose nad high temperature