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We are ready to sell you a good treatment, which will help you to treat your premature ejaculation. This problem is rather intimate and a lot of men are rather shy because of it. But you must think of it like a disease, but not hide it, especially from doctors. You will need to go at the doctor’s to get some recommendations concerning the treatment. Premature ejaculation will bother you every time you have sex, that’s why you must struggle with it. This problem may occur not only at adult men. It happens sometimes also at young men. But take into consideration that medicines, which are prescribed for the treatment of premature ejaculation only at men, ho are older then 18 years.

We talk about Dapoxetine. This medicine is a good remedy for men of absolutely different ages. You will not search for some other medicine to help you. This one is very popular and as you can judge from the reviews of patients, it is very helpful. It has two variants, which you can use. One variant of treatment is that you don’t cure your disease. You just help your ejaculation be a bit longer than you have and take the pills just as you wish once a day. But there is another variant for those, who want to cure all this. You must decide with your doctor the period, during which you will take the pills regularly according to the prescription. At the end of this course you will not have any problems and this disease will disappear.

The pills of Dapoxetine are either of light green or blue color. You can easily distinguish them from other ones is something happens. You should keep it away from children, animals and take it in dark dry place. The fridge is a good place for the medicine too. Don’t give the medicine to women also; it hasn’t been tested on women. So, be careful and don’t let the medicine spoil.

A good and important advantage of the medicine is that you cane take it with other medicines or at least with most of them. You can use also such medicines, as Viagra or Cialis to strengthen the desirable effect or to treat your erectile problems. There is just a short list of medications, which you could not take, but only your doctor will recommend this for you.

Dapoxetine has some other names, which you can meet somewhere in the drug store or in the Internet. That’s all well, because Dapoxetine has several names and different shops and producers provide us with them. This will be the same medicine and you can use it too.

You may face with some side effects, which may happen to you when you will take Dapoxetine. The medicine itself is not dangerous, don’t be afraid. Just some of the patients may not personally accept it because of the peculiarities, which are in your body. You may have allergies, rashes, headaches or vomiting. Maybe there will be some other side effect and you will have to visit your specialist to examine that. He will know for sure what had happened to you and why your body reacted this medicine in this or that way. Allergies are also examined by making blood tests and other medical checkups. All in all these are all possible dangers, which may be cause because of the medicine itself. Not a lot of men experience some of them, though sometimes it may happen. Also you should take less alcohol when you take these pills and avoid overdose. Because many people try to make the effect better and start taking more pills then they need and cause side effects. Still the medicine doesn’t work better, just looses its effect or cause overdose.

Also use the advices of the doctor concerning the diseases, which you may have. He will not allow you to take it if you have something. These diseases include diseases with heart and liver. Be careful.

So, we gave you the information, which concerns Dapoxetine. It will help you to have good presentation o the medicine, you will know how to use it and what to avoid. The leaflet, which you will find in the pack with the medicines, will also tell you something, even more detailed then we did, about the medical.