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Common use

People use Fluticasone to make their breath easier; reduce swelling and inflammation of the respiratory tract. If a patient takes this medicine regularly, he (she) can get rid of problems that asthma, bronchitis, or certain types of emphysemacause. The preparation isn’t recommended for children up to four years. This is a long-term medicine, so it is not suitable for the relief of acute asthma attacks. If there are asthma attacks, use your inhaler (for example, salbutamol) as it is directed by the specialist. This preparation is a member of a class of corticosteroids.


Before using Fluticasone propionate nasal spray, consult with the specialist or a provider.

It’s recommended to take Fluticasone twice daily or as it is directed by the specialist. The dosage depends on patients’ medical condition. It is important to breathe each dose deep, because it will influence how much gets into the lungs.

If you use two types of inhalers, the time between using each should be at least a minute. If a patient is using other inhalers, he (she) ought to wait a few minutes between using each. To prevent hoarseness, dry mouth, and oral yeast infections, rinse your mouth after each use. It is advisable to take Fluticasone regularly with equal intervals of time.

Never change the dosage themselves. It may take you up to 15 days or more before you experience a full effect of this drug. Inform the specialist if your condition gets worse.


Before you use Fluticasone Propionate, do learn about all the precautions how to take this medicine.

Never start, stop, or change the dosage of drugs without the consultation with a physician. Your physician ought to know about all the medicines you are taking to cure herpes infections of the eyes, eye diseases (glaucoma), reduce the adrenal gland.

If you have been taking oral corticosteroids for the last year, or, if you have already used the higher doses of this product, and suddenly stopped its use, then your organism may not produce enough natural steroids. In this case a patient may need to use corticosteroids additioanally, especially if you have major infection, surgery or trauma. Death sometimes can occur due to low levels of steroids. If you are experiencing severe symptoms – unusual weakness, dizziness, sudden weight loss, ask a specialist for advice immediately.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist currently for specific recommendations on stressful situations; you may need to carry corticosteroid tablets, as a precaution. Look after any signs of infection (e.g., inflamed throat / fever / cough) that experience during treatment. Avoid measles infections or chicken pox while you are taking this medication.

Caution is advisable when Fluticasone is used for children. Fluticasone may temporarily slow down baby growth, but probably will not affect the final growth.

This medicine is not recommended to use during pregnancy, and may be accepted only if it is really necessary. This preparation passes into breast milk. If you are going to use Fluticasone, consult your physician before you start breastfeeding.

Side effects

If want to avoid serious problems, use Fluticasone inhaler only if it has been approved by your health care provider.

During Fluticasone therapy, you can experience stuffy or runny nose, dry throat, hoarseness, cough, or diarrhea while your body is getting used to the drug. Patients can feel a bad taste in the mouth. Notify a specialist in case of deterioration or exacerbation of any Fluticasone side effect.

Tell your physician if you experience unusual but serious side effects, as white patches on your tongue in your mouth, cough, increased wheezing / breathing problems, vision changes, unusual or persistent headaches, increased thirst or urination, numbness / tingling in hands / feet, chest pain or discomfort, mood/mental changes (e.g., depressionplease inform your doctor as soon as possible. Once you have experienced a serious allergic reaction, seek medical attention. Serious allergic reactions have the following symptoms: severe dizziness, itching, swelling, rash, trouble breathing.


Fluticasone is not combined with other analogues of the drug. Use it every day and promptly report about any acute exacerbation of asthma. Make sure all your physicians know that you are taking this medicine at the moment or you used Fluticasone in the past. Medical tests (e.g., morning cortisol levels, the lungs, the eyes) should be performed periodically. It will help patients to monitor the results of treatment and identify unwanted side effects.